Actor - Mixed Martial Artist - Rope Specialist

One of the UK's first MMA Fighters. Having tested himself in Martial Arts, No Holds Barred, MMA and Boxing, Lee retired with an impressive 31 wins 2 losses 0 draws record.


    Lee Shone is an actor and martial artist from South Shields, England. He started shotokan karate at age 8 under his father Owen, before taking up boxing. Throughout his teens, Lee often got involved in altercations, culminating at the age of 21, when he was stabbed during a street fight that almost severed a major artery. Lee went back to martial arts focussed on learning techniques against knife attacks and began training in aikido, judo and jiu-jitsu.


    Before the popular sport of MMA was around, Lee realised cross training in multiple disciplines was a way to become a complete fighter with the ability to fight standing up and on the ground. Participating in various competitions and seminars, his superior techniques and fitness level overcame the bigger one dimensional fighters. Lee paid local fighters to go against him to gather footage to send to US promoters. Getting a fight contract proved difficult and he accepted an offer to fight in no rules arranged challenges. Not the spectacular shows he dreamed of, but a way to provide money for his family.


    In 2001, Lee travelled to the US to try-out for Frank Shamrock's elite level Fight Team. Frank and his brother Ken were both world champions and were two of the biggest names in fighting at the time. They developed the try-outs to find a stable of the best fighters that had heart and were willing to give it all. Lee came home injured after the thousands of exercises and 3 fights, but had respectfully earned his place on the world famous team becoming the first non-American to ever do so. Lee was now one of the UK's first MMA fighters.

World Class Training

    Lee started his own MMA academy training other fighters and word soon spread about Lee being trained and managed by Frank Shamrock. Every promoter wanted to sign him and he accepted a pro MMA fight against the British, European and World Champion which Lee won the fight via submission at 1 min 32 secs of the first round. Lee had now established himself as one of the best pro lightweight fighters around. Lee returned to the US to train with many top level fighters, in particular with Duane Ludwig, now regarded as the number 1 MMA coach in the world.

Boxing & Rope Access

    Ex world boxing Cruiserweight Champion Glenn McCrory contacted Lee with an opportunity that would bring him back to boxing. Lee was training to fight on the K1 World Max and agreed to meet Glenn. McCrory had the boxers from US reality show 'The Contender' training and had also brought over the Cuban Olympic boxing coaches to take up residence at the gym. Lee seized the opportunity to spar and learn from the worlds top boxing trainers. A fight was soon arranged for Lee against a 5 x boxing champion. UFC also came knocking for a second time, this time for a spot on 'The Ultimate Fighter'. Due to an injury Lee was unable to take part, but a fighter Lee had trained went on to win the series. Lee retired from fighting in 2009 and began working as an Irata Level 3 in the North Sea providing emergency response cover to rope access personnel rescuing them when they got into trouble.


    Time to chase down another dream... that of an actor! All too similar to his fighting career, Lee had no acting experience to show casting and production companies. He began researching, taking acting lessons and contacting people in the industry. His hard work got noticed and was offered auditions in several major productions with some of the biggest stars in the business. It was all valuable experience and in 2015, he was offered his first role in British crime film 'The Middle Man'. When the director learned of Lee's fighting and martial arts background, he then asked him to develop the fight scenes for the production. Negotiations are now in motion for Lee to star in more exciting productions. Stay tuned for some more big announcements!


    The extremely talented actor Tom Hardy was spotted wearing Lee's own signature t-shirt in various places such as LA Times, Toronto Film Festival and even his popular Dubsmash videos. Lee said "To have support from someone like Tom is absolutely amazing, I'm a massive fan of his". Lee is also proudly supported by some of the biggest brands around the world. Check out Lee's sponsors and their links on this site!